Chios Island

Chios Island

Picture a beautiful Greek island still quite shy of mainstream tourism, where you can experience the authentic Greek customs and way of life: Chios, the nymph of the Aegean Sea, better known as the motherland of the famous ancient poet Homer (“Heliad” and “Odyssey”) and reputedly the only place in the whole wide world renowned for its naturally cultivated “mastic” gum that grows in abundance mostly in the southern parts of the island, apparently due to unique climatic and soil conditions.

Chios island, located in the north-eastern Aegean Sea, directly across the coast of Turkey, apart from its exquisite flora - dominated by pine forests, mastic trees and citrus orchards, features celebrated architectural treasures – medieval castle-villages, Genovese (17th cent.) mansions and unique Byzantine churches attributed to funds donated by early Byzantine Emperors, remnants of its glorious past and generally turbulent history.

Today, Chios island, a proud Greek island of unique beauty and cultural appeal is a safe and welcoming haven for discerning travelers and holidaymakers who appreciate the appeal of “off-the-beaten-track” holiday destinations and marvel in the appreciation of unspoiled nature, history and genuine Greek hospitality.

Things to do
in Chios

  • it is a real Greek island untouched by mass tourism, where lovers of Greece can experience the real Greek “philoxenia” (hospitality), customs and traditions whilst enjoying its unblemished nature in all its glory!
  • the island is a culinary treasure trove for the discerning gourmet: apart from being the world’s sole mastic natural gum produce, it is famous for its fruit orchards and has a long tradition in homemade traditional “spoon desserts” (syrupy fruit preserves and marmalades), its locally produced ouzo and raki varieties are highly acclaimed, whereas its local cuisine is a delight to taste and explore!
  • the island has a long celebrated historical past, evident in its castle-villages, historic sites, byzantine temples, museums which are all worthy of a visit!

Tranel Information

CHIOS ISLAND is easily accessible by air with daily scheduled flights from Athens and/or Thessaloniki (Greece) Int’l Airports (Aegean Air/SKY Express Air), or by overnight ferry from Piraeus and Kavala Ports.

Holidaymakers may also opt to fly to Izmir (Turkey) Int’l Airport, travel the short distance to Cesme (1 hr by bus or taxi) and take the daily ferry (35mins/7 nautical miles) to Chios Port.