Welcome to Volissos

Welcome to Volissos

A village in Amani, Northwest of Chios

full of surprises...

Volissos, the nobility village

Imagine a lively picturesque historic Byzantine village on the top of a hill, commanding views over the whole coast and island interior; the ancient city of Volissos, in the northern west part (Amani) of Chios island, crowned with the ruins of a Byzantine castle built by General Velissarius, the leading Byzantine general during the reign of Emperor Justinian I, is a marvel to behold.

The village, located on the northwestern coast of Chios island, some 40kms from Chios Town, was a bustling center of commerce during the middle ages for centuries, especially after the fall of the Byzantine Empire’s capital of Constantinople (Istanbul) when members of the Byzantine aristocracy moved to Volissos to continue their business affairs in more safety. Some historical sources also identify it as the birthplace of Homer, the legendary ancient Greek poet, more known for his unparalleled works, the Heliad and Odyssey.

The town is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys paved with the pebbles from nearby beaches and old castle-like tenements. Some of the best beaches of the island are in the neighborhood, like the beaches of Managros, Lefkathia and Limnos.

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Driving to Volissos

Driving is easy and picturesque. It is an unforgettably beautiful driving trip with plenty of sightseeing along the way. Be careful not to run over sheep and goat flocks that graze the mountains.

From Chios town follow signs to “Volissos” which will take you in a northwestern direction. Driving through the narrow streets of Vrondados, you reach at the foot of Aepos Mountain, which actually delimits your exit from the southern side of the island.

Shortly before Volissos village and immediately after passing the small bridge of the Malagiotis River, you essentially generated in the outskirts of the village.

A road junction is the point that allows you to choose the way which leads either to “Zorbas Apartments” on the beach, or to the heart of Volissos.

Visitors make Northwest Chios their year round playground.

What to see & do

  • Enjoy leisurely strolls in the village alleys, explore the village, meet the friendly locals, taste local beverages and delicacies in the local cafes and tavernas…
  • Explore the medieval castle of Volissos, immense in the history and appreciate the commanding surrounding views…
  • Visit the local old stone-built School in Volissos; a local cultural & educational gem…
  • Visit the one and only (probably the last on the island …) saddle-maker in Volissos…
  • Buy and taste the bread at the local wood-oven bakery in Volissos
  • Explore the hiking paths starting from the village around the area and Malagiotis Valley.
  • Take a short drive or hike to the nearby Agio Galas village and explore the amazing well-preserved caves and medieval monasteries dug out into the hillside at this unique historic site.
  • Explore the area with the old mines in Keramos village and visit the nearby Agiasmata settlement where healing springs are and enjoy a relaxing bath…
  • Take a short drive to the nearby village of Egrigoros to visit the local Ariousios Winery, learn about their unique project to revive the cultivation of the celebrated ancient wine of Ariousia Chora and taste the local wine varieties.
  • A lot of worth to visit churches from Medieval era and on are spread around the area of Amani