Welcome to Volissos

Welcome to Volissos

A village in Amani, Northwest of Chios

full of surprises...

Volissos, the historical village

A spectacular 40 km drive links the main city of Chios, with its main seaport and airport, to Volissos. Volissos village and the surrounding areas offer tremendous history and is located in the Northwest part of Chios Island. Some historians believe that here exists Homer’s house. A grand medieval castle crowns the top of the hill over Volissos. The village is classically built much like an amphitheater overlooking the magnificent Aegean Sea. The panoramic view of the mountains, valley and sea are priceless.

The narrow alleys lead the steps of the visitor around the stone village. The charmingly ageless churches and chapels evoke much interest, curiosity and meditation.

On the way to the sea, a short distance of about 2 km from the center of the village, the visitor is greeted by fields of olive and citrus trees. This combined with the sandy beaches and the background of the mountains of Pelinnaion and Amani provide an outstanding natural environment of beauty and charm.

Limnia, the small fishing port of Volissos, provides connection to the island of Psara. The road on the left leads to the beaches of the Gonia, and Managros. On the right the road leads to the sandy beaches of Lefkathia and Lemnos. Smaller, cozy, secluded beaches allow those who wish, to isolate and explore.

If the summer is bright in Volissos, autumn, winter and spring offer an enchanting tone. Nature offers its colors through genuinely unique flora that grows in the surrounding area with rare herbs and wildflowers of exceptional beauty. Wild vegetation in the valley and at the banks of the River Malagiotis, which flows into Managros beach, enables visitors to walk and explore.

The tradition, the arts, culture and the hospitality of residents makes this part of the island famous.

It is well worth the visit to the sacred pilgrimage of Saint Markella, located 4 km. from “Zorbas Apartments”. During the traditional feast day celebrations of August 6th and 15th visitors can enjoy the festivals along with the local residents. Dance and or listen to the music till dawn.

Taverns, restaurants, and cafes can be found in the village, along the beaches and at the port. There are two mini markets, a butcher shop and a baker shop where the famous fresh bread of Volissos is baked.

Live the Volisos experience,
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Driving to Volissos

Driving is easy and picturesque. It is an unforgettably beautiful driving trip with plenty of sightseeing along the way. Be careful not to run over sheep and goat flocks that graze the mountains.

From Chios town follow signs to “Volissos” which will take you in a northwestern direction. Driving through the narrow streets of Vrondados, you reach at the foot of Aepos Mountain, which actually delimits your exit from the southern side of the island.

Shortly before Volissos village and immediately after passing the small bridge of the Malagiotis River, you essentially generated in the outskirts of the village.

A road junction is the point that allows you to choose the way which leads either to “Zorbas Apartments” on the beach, or to the heart of Volissos.

Visitors make Northwest Chios their year round playground.

What to see & do

  • Stroll the alleys
  • Visit the castle with the impeccable view
  • Admire the old stone-built School: Cultural & Educational gem
  • Explore the Medieval Volissos
  • Visit he one and only saddle maker
  • Buy bread at the wood-powered bakery
  • Hike Malagiotis valley