10-day holiday and traditional dances seminar program FROM 31 MAY 2018 TO 9 JUNE 2018 The seminar is addressed to people with basic knowledge who participated in or are participating in Greek traditional dances. The seminar will take place in "Zorbas Apartments" by a dancing master with many years of experience in teaching Greek dances. The program includes: • SEMINAR OF HELLENIC TRADITIONAL DANCES • ACCOMMODATION IN SINGLE, DOUBLE OR TRIPPLE-ROOM AND APARTMENTS • RENTED CAR • BREAKFAST • ONE MEAL PER DAY • VISITS IN TRADITIONAL VILLAGES, CAVES, THERMAL BATHS, WINERIES, MUSEUMS, MONASTERIES. • HIKING ROUTES •FESTIVITY WITH LIVE MUSIC ALL THIS ONLY FROM 696,00 € PER THE PERSON !!! Ask for more information at e-mail

People connect every important moment of their life with music and dance. It is a way to express their feelings.

For the Greeks, traditional dances are of special significance because they were not designed by an expert but the soul of the people made them and are inextricably linked with our traditions.

Many of today’s dances have their roots in antiquity and were an important and integral part of the education and education of students.

Our traditional dances offer communication, entertainment, exercise and education.  They also present a huge variety, each region in Greece has its own dances that differ even from village to village.

Volissos claims among the villages of Chios the first in the dances but mainly in its dancers.

The Greek traditional dances and folklore seminar is addressed to tourists who want to get in touch with the country’s folk culture and to acquire knowledge of our intangible cultural heritage through music and dance that were an integral part of the life of the Greeks.